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Japanese Traditional Sweets Sales Company.
Company Profile


I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your kind support to our company. Thanks to you, Kasuriya has been involved in the business for over 30 years with love and appreciation by locals.
Kasuriya and its products are currently under the support of families and employees who have been blessed in this area. I truly appreciate the grace of Dewa (Yamagata Prefecture) and will be waiting for more challenges to come.
Recently, the number of orders from overseas has been increasing, which contributes to the development of the agricultural and regional sector. Higher demand for agricultural products consumption also has a positive influence on the regional economy. I am grateful for that and would be highly appreciated for your continuous support in the future.

Corporate philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is to make sweets made from rice, which is the heart of Japanese food culture, and to convey Japanese food culture to the future generations. We made different kinds of sweets according to the events of four different seasons in Japan i.e. spring, summer, autumn, winter. There will be a preparation of a rice cake for God during the New Year, Sakura Mochi in Hinamatsuri, Dango during Cherry-blossom viewing period, Kashiwa Mochi in Children's Day, rice cake for God of rice paddies. Also, there will be a Harvest Thanksgiving Festival in autumn. It is a Japanese custom to always be grateful to god, bountiful harvesting and the ancestors, and live happily with the family while enjoying the confections we have provided for god. Kasuriya will be the one who makes and serves those sweets to you.

Kasuriya Company Limited
President and Representative Director: Fumiaki Tokairin

Raw materials and Manufacturing Exertion

The raw material is mainly supplied by local Yamagata. By using local farm products, we can help support the local farmers which in turn contribute to the development of regional economy. We also put great effort into making the sweets from the very beginning, including best raw materials selection and manufacturing process. At our company, we value the work of making the Azuki bean paste as only 20% of the confectionery shops produce it themselves. Based on our experiences and information such as the temperature and humidity of that day, we are one of those 20% who process the red bean paste ourselves from the raw materials. Also, by the end of September every year, we prepare the Edamame beans, which is frozen for a proportion of one year to keep its freshness and fragrant for the customers to enjoy.

Management philosophy

  1. We will produce only safe and secure products to meet your expectation so that you think "I want to buy it again!"
  2. We will serve a customer with a smile and hospitality so that you think "I want to see you again."
  3. We will create a good atmosphere store that you think "I want to visit here again."
  4. When it comes to time for sweets, you will think of our products. o we will continue to make the creative products for you to enjoy.


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Products feature on Television, Radio, Newspaper, and Magazine Articles

Zunda Mochi, Dango, Happy Zunda Pudding, Blooming Sakura Daifuku for cheering up
the students taking the examination, Becoming Adult Celebrations Wine Daifuku, Valentine Chocolate Mochi, Hina Matsuri & Happy Festival & Handmade Japanese-style Confectionery Set for Christmas

News Coverage

Yamagata Newspaper, Yomiuri Newspaper, Asahi Newspaper, Kahoku News, Mainichi Newspaper Nationwide Edition, Kyodo News Nationwide, Yamagata TV, Yamagata Broadcasting, NHK Yamagata, NHK Nationwide, Sakuranbo TV, TV Tokyo, YBC Radio, FM Yamagata, Stock Now Tokyo Edition Book

Company Data

Company Name Kasuriya Company Limited
Address 1074-1 Nishihara-kita, Iizuka-cho, Yamagata-city, Yamagata JAPAN 990-0845
TEL +81-23-644-1206
FAX +81-23-645-6550
MAIL dango@kasuriya.jp
Founded May 10, 1985
Capital 3 million yen
Sales 72 million yen
Business Partners York Benimaru,Yamazawa, Onuma Department Store, Tokyu Station Retail, Aeon, Nihonbashi Takashimaya Co.,Ltd.HD , JA Yamagata, Maxvalu Tohoku Co.,Ltd
Supplier Banks York Benimaru,Yamazawa, Onuma Department Store, Tokyu Station Retail, Aeon, Nihonbashi Takashimaya Co.,Ltd.HD , JA Yamagata, Maxvalu Tohoku Co.,Ltd

Thank you very much for giving me this great opportunity
Kasuriya Company Limited in JAPAN
President Fumiaki Tokairin
Contact mail: fumikasuriya@icloud.com